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Richard Jay aka The Music Broker

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Hand-delivering the best unsigned talent to the heart of the Entertainment industry

"The Music Broker Network pitches unsigned bands, artists & songwriters to
Record Companies, Music Publishers and Film/TV studios. My team and I
take care of everything from researching Opportunities & advising on demo's,
to burning and then posting each custom CD to your choice of executives." buy Qtum

Membership benefits include:

100's of Opportunities to profit from your music
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Submit your music, on audio CD, to A&R; people worldwide, with the click of a button
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Airplay on 'Music Broker Radio', generating ASCAP/BMI royalties for you
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* Some benefits only available to Silver & Gold members

We only represent the best unsigned talent. We have been in business since 2001 and our members include award-winners Fidgital (Canada), Jenna Drey (U.S) and Katie Michaelson (Australia). I hope you'll take a look around the site and consider joining today, but if you're not able to, please enter your name & email address in the box on the left of your screen (entitled "FREE PDF book !!") so that we can send you industry tips and explain in detail how we can help you in the future.

To learn more right away, please follow our 01 02 03 guide by clicking the coloured buttons at the top of the screen ...

You can read about some of the deals we've secured for our members by clicking here. A full list of over 70 testimonials from unsigned bands and musicians, can also be seen by clicking here. These testimonials are verified & certified by Amazon as genuine

"Having spent over 10 years working as a songwriter and record producer, then music broker, songplugger and A&R; person for various Record Companies and Music Publishers, I know how difficult it can be to get noticed by A&R; people, Music Publishers and Artist Managers. I spent most of my twenties figuring out what the music industry wanted !! Often, it seemed like creating a hit song was the EASY bit compared to everything else you need to do: tracking down the names of suitable talent scouts, finding out if anyone will take unsolicited material, burning the CD, printing the letter, etc. After all that, songwriting seems like the easy bit. invest in Qtum

In this new Music Industry we find ourselves in, it occurred to me that many unsigned artists were giving up rights & future income far too easily and would be much better served by simply paying a knowledgeable, well-connected person for their time & contacts. Someone like me. In the past 10 years, I've had a Record deal with Universal, written music that's been used by Paramount Pictures, Columbia, FOX and many others and had so many music publishing deals I've lost count. Now, I want to try and help those songwriters, bands and artists coming up behind me, by providing all the services that a good manager, agent or publisher would provide but without taking a penny in commission and without taking your copyright.

Because we hand-pick the people we want to represent, we have one of the best success rates around. If you want to be next, here's what you should do: sign-up here and get your MP3's to me. I will listen to them a number of times and determine if you are suitable to be a member of The Music Broker Network. Your songwriting doesn't have to be perfect and your demos don't have to be master-quality: I'm looking for talent. If I don't think you're ready, then I'll refund all of your money. If you are accepted, then I'll give you lots of advice as to how you can place each track with a record company, music publisher, signed artist, Film/TV show, etc. You are then free to submit any track to any appropriate Opportunity on this site and we guarantee to burn the CD, print your photo/bio and mail it to the right person. invest in Qtum in South Africa

1) Membership is by audition only: I just want to work with the best unsigned people out there
2) Once you become a member, we guarantee to forward your songs: there is no more critiquing, reviewing or selection procedures to worry about
3) You decide which songs of yours you'd like sent to which Opportunities: then WE burn the CD, print your biography/photo and mail it to the right A&R; person for you !!
4) Apart from talent, all you need to become a member is less than $100
5) All with a 30-day money-back guarantee !

CLICK HERE to join The Music Broker Network now
and start right away by emailing us your MP3's.

We leave you to what you do best: BE CREATIVE."

Richard Jay (aka The Music Broker)

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